155. Jamieson, B.G.M. 1997b. Some new and previously known earthworm species from Cape York Peninsula (Annelida: Oligochaeta: Megascolecidae). Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 42, 233-270.
Ten new species, in five genera, are described from the Cape YorkPeninsula, Queensland: Diplotrema attenuata sp. nov.; D. scheltingai sp.   nov.; Neodiplotrema mcdonaldi sp. nov.; and Terrisswalkerius mcilwraithi   sp. nov., from the McIlwraith Range; Diplotrema acropetra sp. nov.,   Neodiplotrema altanmoui sp. nov., N. paripunctata sp. nov., and Kayarmacia   adelphicus gen. et sp. nov, from Cape Melville National Park;   Terrisswalkerius carbinensis sp. nov. from Mt Carbine Tableland, and T.   miseriae sp. nov., from Mt Misery. Kayarmacia (=Rhododrilus)   queenslandicus Michaelsen, 1916, is redescribed from the Alice-Mitchell R.   National Park, near the type-locality; it is clearly the sister-taxon of   K. adelphicus. The phylogenetic and biogeographic affinities of these   species are briefly discussed.